Notice of Logo Competition [8 January 2007]

The Law Reform Commission is a Body Corporate established by an Act of Parliament and its functions consist of the following:-

(i) To keep under review in a systematic way the Laws of Mauritius;
(ii) Make recommendations for the reforms and development of the Laws of Mauritius;
(iii) Advise the Attorney-General on ways in which the Law of Mauritius can be made as understandable and accessible as is practicable.

The Commission is organizing a competition for the design of its logo. Members of the public are invited to participate.

The Conditions for participation are as follows:-

  1. Each participant is entitled to one entry only.
  2. The Logo shall be on A4 paper size.
  3. The participant may use any four colours including black.
  4. The participant must submit one logo in colour , one in black and white and a soft copy.
  5. The participant should send his/her application in a sealed envelope addressed to the Secretary, Law Reform Commission, 4th Floor, Cerné House, Chaussée, Port Louis by 9th February 2007.
  6. The logo must also be forwarded at the following email address:
  7. The decision of the jury will be final and no appeal lies against the decision.
  8. An award of Rs 5,000/- will be given to the best Logo designer.
  9. The Commission shall retain copyright of the selected logo.

The Winner of the Price Competition is Mr Rajvir LALL.

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