The Law Reform Commission was established in 2005 by the Law Reform Commission Act (Act No. 26 of 2005).
The Office of the Commission is located on the 13th Floor of SICOM Building 2 at Reverend Jean Lebrun Street, Port Louis. It occupies an office space of about 450 square meters.

The functions of the Commission are to:

(a) keep under review in a systematic way the law of Mauritius;

(b) make recommendations for the reform and development of the law of Mauritius;

(c) advise the Attorney General on ways in which the law of Mauritius can be made as understandable and accessible as is practicable.

When making its recommendations, the Commission attaches, where applicable and as far as practicable, a draft Bill to the recommendations.

The Commission is committed to comparative legal research in order to evaluate the merits and demerits of our law in the light of the experience of other jurisdictions. The Commission also holds the view that, where possible, any proposed solution must be tested against empirical evidence.

Following the necessary research, discussion and consultation on any project, the Commission normally produces one of the following publications:

(a) Issue Paper: this is a paper identifying issues on which interested parties are invited to make submissions;

(b) Research or Review Paper: this contains the findings of research (analytical or empirical) done on specific topics;

(c) Consultation Paper: a paper highlighting matters regarded as problematic and outlining reform options;

(d) Discussion or Working Paper: a thorough paper on an area of the law regarded as unsatisfactory with proposals for reform;

(e) Report: This sets out the results of the Commission’s research and consultation and usually makes a number of recommendations for law reform to Government.

An Issue Paper or Research/Review Paper, as well as a Consultation or Discussion/Working Paper, will usually be followed by a report (to which is attached a draft Bill).

The Commission submits every year an annual report to the Attorney General on its activities during the preceding year. A copy thereof is laid before the National Assembly.

The Commission considers our laws should be responsive to the needs of society, in the light of the exigencies of globalization, reflect best international practices and be in conformity with our international obligations. Its vision is that of just, fair and efficient laws that reflect and advance the Nation’s social and economic interests.

The Commission considers reviewing an area of law reform against certain criteria:

  • Importance – the extent to which the law is unsatisfactory, and the potential benefits from reform;
  • Suitability – whether the independent non-political Commission is the most suitable body to conduct the review; and
  • Resources – valid experience of Commissioners and staff, funding available, and whether the project meets the requirements of the programme.
The Commission does not provide legal advice or assistance.

Should you consider any area of the law is in need of reform, please contact us at:

Law Reform Commission

13th Floor, SICOM Building 2, Reverend Jean Lebrun Street, Port Louis

Republic of Mauritius

Tel: (230) 212 3816 / 212 4102
Fax:(230) 212 2132

Email: lrc@govmu.org

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