Invitation for Submissions of Law Reform Proposals [8 January 2007]

The Law Reform Commission is a Body Corporate established by an Act of Parliament and its functions consist of the following:-

(i) To keep under review in a systematic way the Laws of Mauritius;
(ii) Make recommendations for the reforms and development of the Laws of Mauritius;
(iii) Advise the Attorney-General on ways in which the Law of Mauritius can be made as understandable and accessible as is practicable.

The Commission is currently working, inter alia, on projects relating to access to justice and the provision of legal services, the criminal justice system and evidential rules. The Commission is mindful of ensuring that our laws are in conformity with the Constitution with Human Rights and International Standards, and that they reflect best international practices.

The public is therefore invited to submit any proposal for reform of the law by letter or e-mail to the Chief Executive Officer.

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