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Law Reform Commission

The Commission

Chairperson  Mr. Abdool Raouf GULBUL (Barrister]
Chief Executive Officer Mr. Pierre Rosario DOMINGUE [Barrister]
Members Mr. Satyajit BOOLELL, S.C [Director of Public Prosecutions]
Mr. Dinay REETOO [Representative of Solicitor-General]
Mr. Patrick Michel Tat Kon KAM SING [Deputy Master and Registrar and Judge in Bankruptcy]
Mrs. Narghis BUNDHUN, SC [Barrister]
Mr. Gilbert NOEL [Attorney]
Mrs. Wenda SAWMYNADEN [Notary]
Mr. Hambyrajen NARSINGHEN [Law Academic-UoM]
​ ​Mr. Claite Bernard MARIE [Civil Society]
Secretary to Commission Mrs. Saroj BUNDHUN